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“Gentleman. Timeless Fashion”- a review of Bernard Roetzel’s book Posted on July 6, 2018 by Luigi Saladini – Moda classica uomo. Classic men’s fashion, elegance, dress code, smart casual, advice, training, blog. I would like to share with you my opinion about the book that I recently finished reading and it made a very positive impression on me. Gentleman. Timeless Fashion ”and in English“ Gentleman. A timeless fashion ”¹ is an extensive work by Bernard Roetzel, a German enthusiast of male elegance. It is noteworthy that in the 1990s, when the work was finished and published, the author was completely unknown in the world of fashion. Today, his main occupation is writing guides, seminars and consultations in the field of classic elegance.

Bernard Roetzel signing his books.
It is 358 pages of valuable illustrations and texts that are truly timeless, especially since they are neatly sewn together and bound in a hard cover. “Gentleman” is a position that goes beyond strictly clothing rules. In my opinion, it is a dress code textbook for men with class, which in many places, in order to better document customs and traditions, touches upon historical and savoir-vivre threads.

The content of the guide by chapters:
Beard, hair and manicure
The first 30 pages, after deduction of the introduction, are a comprehensive overview of issues related to the care of facial hair, hair and hands, including photos and detailed descriptions of selected accessories.

A topic rarely mentioned on blogs and in publications about dress code – all the more interesting and worth reading.

An elegant man is a fragrant man, in moderation, of course.

The topic is described very broadly: starting from the construction of shirts and types of collars, types of fabrics, in particular cotton, and ending with regular sewing and ironing.
It is especially worth reading about collars, about international terms such as kent, cut-away, button-down and others. Information on the gradation of formalities, such as shirts with a checkered pattern, is helpful.


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