Andarine SARMS


SARMs are called next-generation doping. Opinions about SARMs are very positive, but this group of non-steroidal active compounds has not yet been well studied! It is said that SARMs have almost no side effects, but when they are compared to strong anabolic and androgenic steroids, it is no wonder that they will perform better compared to them.

SARMs are advertised as an ideal means of both reduction and mass. No wonder that the search for this phrase on the Internet is three times greater than a few years ago. Reviews about SARMs are mostly positive, and their effects are widely praised.

Are you sure the media and the internet are telling us the whole truth about these androgen modulators? SARMs have still not been thoroughly studied, and most of the studies they have been subjected to are those performed on rats.

In the 1990s, Professor James T. Dalton was looking for an effective treatment for prostate cancer. He discovered an interesting molecule – andarin. It did not work for the intended purpose, but it turned out that it effectively affects the efficiency and growth of muscle mass. Andarine found its way to some testosterone-sensitive cells and stimulated the growth of muscle tissue with fewer side effects.

Dalton knew that this discovery could be useful in the recovery process in diseases that cause muscle weakness and in the fight against many other conditions, such as breast cancer. So he made the first human study by administering ostarine to the subjects.

Studies have not confirmed his theses and did not show effectiveness in the fight against cancer, but SARMs turned out to be an effective anabolic agent. This is how SARMs got promotion to the world of sport …


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