Bluesky peptides reviews


A sensational novelty on the Polish market, Bluesky Gum Gel is an unusual product for modeling and extending nails, it is more flexible than acrylic, but stronger than a hard gel. Bluesky Gum Gel is quite a thick mass, but it is easy to model, it does not run off like a traditional gel. Contrary to acrylic, it does not harden during operation, it can be modeled for a long time and then cured in a LED lamp (30s) or UV (2 minutes). .
It is a product thanks to which you can extend your nails faster without using templates
and a long gel treatment process By using Bluesky Gum Gel, your manicure will be shortened by 40% of your working time.

Directions for use:
1. We prepare the skins
2. We give the desired shape of the nail plate
3. Matt the nail plate and degrease it
4. Apply Bluesky Base Coat and cure in a UV or UV / LED lamp
5. Apply a small amount of Bluesky Gum Gel to a special form and spread it
6. Apply the mold to the nail and gently press it
7. Cure in a UV / LED 60s, UV 120s lamp
8. Take the form off the nail
9. Give the nail plate the desired shape and mat it
10. Apply Bluesky Top No Wipe and harden


Bluesky forms are needed to achieve the desired effect.


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