EarlyBird Diabetes Trust


So-called ‘adult’ diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and is now beginning to affect teenagers and children. If nothing is done to stop it, one in ten of today’s children will get diabetes in their lifetime.

That is why 300 schoolchildren and their families are taking part in the EarlyBird Diabetes Study, a 12-year project to find which factors in childhood lead to the development of diabetes in later life.

EarlyBird is a unique and important study, based in the UK, but with worldwide implications for the early prevention of diabetes.

Research is expensive and we need your support. EarlyBird needs funding for just six more years to see the work completed.

A single benefactor has already pledged £130k annually to the end of the study in 2012 – contingent on finding the balance of £130k each year.

•  EarlyBird costs £260,000 a year to run

Lauren has helped us since the age of 4.

Will you?

(Lauren B, aged 4y 8m, EarlyBird No. 1)