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Hormones play a crucial role in the functioning of the human body. From the male point of view, testosterone is one of the most important substances of this type. Why is it so important? What is its operation? Is it possible to increase its concentration in the bloodstream, e.g. through diet, exercise or appropriately selected tablets? These and other questions about testosterone can be found in the article below – check it out!

What is testosterone?
Even though testosterone is wrongly called the male sex hormone, it is also produced by the female body. It comes in two forms: as a free fraction that is not bound to any protein, and as a total fraction that is bound to albumin. From the point of view of the functioning of the body, free testosterone is the most important – deficiency or excess can lead to serious consequences. Its very action is very important for health and at the same time multi-faceted. Its production begins in the pituitary gland and its synthesis takes place:

in the adrenal glands and testicles (in men),
in the adrenal glands and ovaries (in women).
Testosterone is a steroidal masculinizing hormone that belongs to the androgen category. It is mainly caused by Leydig interstitial cells, which are activated by the luteinizing hormone, i.e. lutropin (LH). Gonadoliberin (LHRH) is responsible for the appropriate amount of testosterone in the body. The highest concentration of this hormone is recorded at the age of about 20, with the greatest decrease occurring after the age of 60. As shown by medical statistics, about 20% of people at this age suffer from testosterone deficiency, which is why many of them use pills.

Excess testosterone – a problem instead of a benefit
Taking too much testosterone can have the consequence of excess of this hormone in the male body. In nature, this is a rare situation, so it is legally forbidden to use doping agents (but not legally available tablets). By the way, the assessment of the hormone level is difficult because its concentration depends not only on the level of development of the organism or age, but even on the time of day and many other factors. Typically, the cause of a harmful excess is the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids by athletes.


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