Sarms vs prohormones


Prohormones are compounds from which or under the influence of which hormones are formed. The term is used in two senses. In biological terms, they are hormone precursor molecules from which the proper hormone molecules are formed as a result of enzymatic modification. The term usually refers to peptide hormone precursors. A prohormone is, for example, vitamin D3, which produces the hormone calcitriol.

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Prohormones for athletes
Prohormones – use
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In the commonly used sense, prohormones are substances used in sports support. These are drugs taken orally and influencing anabolic processes.

Natural prohormones are natural anabolic substances, which include such substances as: phytosterols, flavones, isoflavones, triterpene saponins, sterodium saponins, buteins, amino acid derivatives and ursolic acid. Tribulus terrestris extract is very often used, which is used in potency supplementation and the aforementioned increase in testosterone levels. According to the producers, consumption of natural prohormones leads to an increase in muscle mass, reduction of estrogen and reduction of body fat.

Prohormones for athletes
Prohormones in the popular term are synthetic chemicals that lead to an increase in muscle mass. The term prohormones is most commonly found in sport, especially bodybuilding, as an alternative to illegal steroid hormones. The task of prohormones is to stimulate the hormones present in the body. First of all, prohormones convert with testosterone, which has a great impact on anabolic processes, endurance and fat burning processes.

The originator of the prohormones was the chemist Patrick Arnold. They were introduced to the dietary supplements market in 1996 as a cheaper and above all legal and safer version of banned anabolic steroids.

The most famous prohormones contained in supplements on the market are:

The most commonly used prohormone is androstenedione, which changes into testosterone, and the effects of taking it are comparable to those of taking steroids.


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